BiografieThe band was founded in 1997, and our guitarist is the only man who´s been in it from the beginning. A lot of people, a lot of progress. Weve definitely had a good time with all of you, Thanks! Discography: Early tapes: "Swiadomosc upadku" (split with ALJOTH, N.I.C. 1997) "Glod Smierci" (Qrwa sistema 1998) Cds: "...In my eyes" (Hackle Records, 2002). Blades Shall Speak (Lifeline Records, 2006). Bio: In the beginning, we played a kind of crusty/grindy style of metal. Over the last two years weve gotten more into a really heavy and aggressive style in the vein of As Blood Runs Black, Heaven Shall Burn, Six Reasons To Kill, The Black Dahlia Murder,Morbid Angel and All Shall Perish. Presently, the band is a four piece with different musical tastes. We share our ideas and opinions about music, and how we want to create it (you can hear it in our sound, definitely!). We like all different kinds of music, because every type played with passion, anger, or love deserves to be noticed. We choose Death/Metalcore to express the way we feel and exist in today´s world. We are involved in political/vegetarian/vegan and/or SxE matters. We are not a bunch of metal heads (although we grew up with this music). Each one of us lives his life in a different way, with different dreams.Quelle: Discografie2006 Blades Shall Speak


Blades Shall Speak - Cover
Ein ziemlich intensives Brett haben ALIENACJA mit ihrer ersten Veröffentlichung vorzuweisen.