BiografieWhen asked "why now?" for an Alien reunion, Borg said "It just felt right. I´d started working on a number of ideas with Bernt and Jan and then Jim and I met up again." Jidhed continues: "Tony and I met up in Gothenburg on a brilliant winter´s day at the beginning of 2004 and it just sparkled like we´d never been apart!"

To complete the team, Borg recruited two musicians, Bernt Ek and the drummer Jan Lundberg to fill the drum and bass slots. Mats Sandborgh filled the keyboard position. Borg and Jidhed are delighted that Bo Reimer (Backstreet Boys, The Darkness) has mixed the first two tracks. Tatiana Oscarsson, daughter of Cannes winning Swedish actor Per Oscarsson and long-time friend of Borg has written many of the lyrics with Canadian Idol competitor Scotty Newlands providing additional lyrical input.

The final recordings to complete brand new album was recorded in Stockholm at Tower Studios in the spring of 2005. The album is due a release in 2005 in October (Japan) and November (rest of the world)

Their 1988 debut album "Alien" peaking at no. 2 in the Swedish charts, produced a platinum selling single, the Bee Gee´s cover "Only One Woman" that topped the radio listening charts even longer. The album was released worldwide on Virgin International and the album received an acclaimed American release. Even today, the internet demonstrates Alien´s lasting appeal with the debut album receiving reviews as far afield as Japan and recently being featured on
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2001 Live in Stockholm 1990

1997 Best & Rare (2-CD)

1995 Crash

1990 Shiftin Gear

1988 Alien


Dark Eyes - Cover
ALIEN haben in ihrer schwedischen Heimat Ende der Achtziger und Anfang der Neunziger einiges an Erfolgen einheimsen können (u.a. ein Nummer 1 Hit mit dem rockenden Bee Gee’s Cover "Only One Woman").