7 Seconds

Discografie Take It Back, Take It On, Take It Over! (Side One Dummy, 2004)

Good To Go (Side One, 1999)

Live! One Plus One (Giant/Rockville, 1998)

The Music, The Message (Immortal, 1995) (Headhunter, 1995)

Out The Shizzy (Headhunter, 1993)

Walk Together, Rock Together (BYO, 1993)

New Wind (BYO, 1991)

Old School (Headhunter, 1991)

Soulforce Revolution (Restless, 1990)

Ourselves (Restless, 1988)

The Crew & 6 Live Tracks (BYO, 1982)



Take It Back, Take It On, Take It Over - Cover
7 SECONDS - das stand in den frühen Achtzigern auf jeder coolen Schultasche. War nämlich cooler Punk. Oder Hardcore. Oder eine Mischung aus beiden.