Michael Sweet - vocals

Oz Fox - guitars

Robert Sweet - drums

Tracy Ferrie - bass


Renowned Christian pop-metal band returns with first all-new studio album in 15 years: the yellow & black attack!

Some remember STRYPER as the frenetic "yellow and black attack” that stormed the music scene two decades ago, transforming the pop-metal genre from the inside out. Others recall a groundbreaking foursome that resolutely declared an inspiring message of spiritual redemption, becoming a cornerstone on which countless lives were changed.

Today the legendary quartet is back and burning hotter than ever with intensified levels of zeal, resolve and innovation. With three original bandmates and newcomer Tracy Ferrie on bass, STRYPER now releases its first all-new studio effort since 1990’s "Against The Law”.

STRYPER has dealt with its share of challenges and difficulties over the years. From its origin as ROXX REGIME, a garage outfit from Orange County, California, the band persevered as they hammered out a name and a reputation in the gritty Los Angeles club circuit. The hard work paid off in 1984 when the quartet inked a deal with Enigma Records and released debut EP "The Yellow and Black Attack”.

As the first Christian rock band to enjoy any decided success in the mainstream market, STRYPER went on to sell more than 8 million records worldwide. The group’s RIAA-certified platinum 1986 release "To Hell with the Devil” was selected as one of the "100 Greatest Albums in Christian Music” by CCM Magazine. The project also generated the Billboard Top 40 hit "Honestly,” which peaked at #23.

Two other albums struck RIAA gold: "Soldiers Under Command” (1985) and "In God We Trust” (1988), both spending numerous weeks on the Billboard 200 album chart.

One of the most electrifying stage acts from the 1980s, STRYPER garnered heavy airplay on MTV and VH1. The band also received notable coverage in Rolling Stone, Time, Spin, Newsweek and numerous other publications, cementing their legacy as the iconoclasts of pop-metal.

Fittingly, STRYPER should be in for a wave of renewed exposure and acclaim. But Michael Sweet would just as soon turn the spotlight on someone else. "The one theme that is woven into every song on our new album is this: Look to Jesus,” he says adamantly. "Some people may get tired of hearing this, but we feel God has called us to share the message of Christ’s love, mercy and grace. He’s always there no matter what, and that’s what we will proclaim until we die.”

"Reborn”, STRYPER’s ninth career disc, features a cavalcade of high-voltage arrangements that showcase the band’s richly melodic vocals, deft instrumentation and powerful themes. In addition, the disc proficiently melds the group’s intensely tuneful style with edgy hard rock influences. The net effect: an 11-track set demanding reverence, repeated spins and a volume level that is cranked full-on.

Produced by Michael Sweet and Kenny Lewis, "Reborn” debuts entirely new material, with two bonus songs: a STRYPERized version of "Amazing Grace” re-titled "10,000 Years” and an updated rendition of the group’s classic track "In God We Trust” - that should rouse both long time and nouveau fans alike.

Beyond the core theme of renewal, "Reborn” embraces subjects like forgiveness ("If I Die”), God’s patience ("Wait for You”) and true enlightenment ("Open Your Eyes”). One hard-driving song in particular, "When Did I See You Cry,” conveys the reality that God can move in anyone’s life, whether homeless, addicted to drugs or simply wandering. "The power of God is alive, but we often miss it,” Sweet asserts. "We see opportunities to share the gospel, but we are so caught up in other things of life that we get sidetracked.” Quelle: www


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