Ritual Carnage concept was achieved in 1993 by D.Montgomery. He started playing Bass guitar in his first band in 1983 called Pagan Faith in Tampa, Florida.
Rival wurden in Chicago im heissen Sommer 1990 von Bassist/Sänger John Johnson, den Gitarristen Neven Trivic und Chuck McNulty und dem Originaldrummer Gary Olson gegründet.
ROADKILL 13 was formed around the new millenium to combine Hardcore and Metal influences.
25 Jahre Musikgeschichte. Ein Independent Label feiert Geburtstag.
Mit ROB ROCK gibt einer der herausragendsten Sänger der Hardrock/Metal-Szene seinen Solo-Einstand. Rob’s Karriere begann bereits 1986 als Sänger des legendären M.A.R.S.
Characters: The album (produced by Joost van den Broek) tells the story of several different characters who have to deal with their own frustrations in life.
For 13 years Rob Zombie has been carving out a strange legacy of music in the world of rock, beginning in 1985 with the formation of his brainchild White Zombie.