Gardenian was founded in April 1996 by drummer Thim Blom and Guitarist / vocalist Jim Kjell.
It all began in 1990 when three youngsters from Sundsvall, Sweden - Gotte Ringqvist, Stefan Brisland-Ferner and Rickard Westman - went to see a performance of Shakespeare´s Hamlet.
GARSTIG entstand genau genommen am 30.
GARY BARDEN gehört zu den Stimmen des Hardrocks schlechthin.
Gary Moore is acknowledged as one of the finest musicians that the British Isles has ever produced.
One of the founding fathers of synth pop, Gary Numan´s influence extends far beyond his lone American hit, "Cars," which still stands as one of the defining new wave singles.
Seit 1998 macht dieses monströse Vehikel alles platt, was sich ihm in den Weg stellt. Das klingt gemein, aber so ist es nunmal - das Leben.
Influences:  Dismember, Carnage, Entombed, Grave, Unleashed, Bolt Thrower and Obituary  
Gatherer is a familiar feeling, delivered with unfamiliar sound. Beautifully haunting melodies, complex rhythms and a wall of sound so huge it’s hard to comprehend.
The influential, long-lived punk metal band G.B.H. rose to prominance in England during the early ´80s when hardcore punk began inching toward heavy metal.
2005 begann CHAOS die Band zu gründen.das schnell gefundene Mitglied "Pestengel" war ein fester Bestandteil bei der ersten CD : " Land ohne Wiederkehr", die im Jahr 2005 erschien.
Since September 15, 2006 Paul (guitar), Micha (bass), Maik (drums) and Jo (vocals/guitar) play in the band „Gedankentod“.
1994-2008 20011-jetzt
Geburtsstunde der Band ist im Jahr 2000. Nach ersten regionalen Gigs und einem selbstproduzierten Demo startet GEIST seit 2004 bundesweit durch.
2009: The band releases their third album "Galeere" on Lupus Lounge, May 2nd. Re-Releases of the albums "Patina" and "Kainsmal" in re-worked editions appear on the horizon.
GEMINI FIVE's strong material and heavy-catchy-songs combined with their energy and glam-slam-in-your-face-attitude makes them undefeatable.
This band, GENERAL CHAOS, is a new beginning for some skilled metal side kicks. Reinventing the steel, baby! They carry the fundamentals of metal deep inside themselves.