BiografieIt was in the beginning of 1993 that a new Norwegian musical entity started to take form.

Under the moniker of THULE and with the swift aid of a few session musicians, the sole creator of all compositions and writings, namely U. Høst, began to express himself through music inspired by the earliest Norwegian pioneers of the genre as well as rooted in 80´s metal. Two demos were crafted ("Der Vinterstormene Raste" 1993 and "Omfavnet Av Svarte Vinger" 1994) and as time passed by the bandname was changed into TAAKE, leading Høst ever closer to the essence of the band; in fact the epithet represents and should be connected to the livid fog which cloaks the seven mountains of his hometown Bjørgvin.

One more demo ("Manndaudsvinter" 1995) and a 7" EP ("Koldbrann I Jesu Marg" 1996 on Høst´s own Mosegrodd Prod.) marked the intention to recreate old Norwegian sunless atmospheres, expressing national feelings and personal philosophy through lyrics mostly formulated in old Norwegian verse pattern and written in the old Runic alphabet. It was also relevant to keep the valuable, primeval aspects of Black Metal using a crude production, devoid of synth and unaffected by the latest retro thrash mode while hinting at traditional folk arias.

"Nattestid" was that far the band´s utmost embodiment of this all: a full-lenght album brought into being by Høst himself on guitars and performing grim & clean vocals, with the aid of fellow Norwegian Black Metal musician Tundra handling battery, bass and choirs. Recorded and produced in Grieghallen, by none other than Pytten, this is an album that will capture the substance of spectral, ghastly Black Metal!

Now, early 2002, the second album "...Bjoergvin..." was released, fully referring to the typical Taake style. Still that ghastly Black Metal in the line of "Nattestid..." with Hoest on vocals and guitar, assisted this time by guitarist C. Corax, bassist/pianist Keridwen and the old Trelldom/Gaahlskagg/Sigfader drummer Mutt. With seven songs recorded in Grieghallen and with lyrics in the old Norwegian language this is another Black Metal masterpiece!
Quelle: - Manndaudsvinter (Demo)

1996 - Koldbrann I Jesu Marg (EP)

1999 - Nattestid Ser Porten Vid

2002 - Over Bjoergvin Graater Himmerik

2004 - Sadistic Attack/Nordens Doedsengel (Split)

2004 - Helnorsk Svartmetall (Best Of/Compilation)

2004 - The Box (Boxed Set)

2005 - Hordalands Doedskvad

2006 - A Norwegian Hail To Von (Split-Album)

2006 - Men Of Eight/Lagnonector (Split)

2006 - Dra Til Helvete!/Restart The Night! (Split)

2007 - Nekro (EP)

2008 - Svartekunst (EP)

2008 - Taake

2011 - Kveld (EP)

2011 - Swine Of Hades (Split)

2011 - Noregs Vaapen


...Bjoergvin... - Cover
Es gibt sie also doch noch, die reizvollen Black-Metal-Veröffentlichungen. Old School, aber dennoch interessant.
Noregs Vaapen - Cover
Mann kann von TAAKE und ihrem einzigen festen Mitglied Horst halten, was man will: Mitte der 90er aufgetaucht und sich ins von Bands wie DARKTHRONE, MAYHEM und BURZUM gemachte Nest gelegt, die strunzd
Over Bjoergvin Graater Himmerik (Re-Release) - Cover
Ja ja, ich weiß: mit seiner “Ich-male-mir-mal-´n-Hakenkreuz-auf-die-Wampe-und-das-finden-sicher-alle-cool!“-Aktion hat sich TAAKE-Bandkopf Ørjan „Ulvhedin Hoest“ Stedjeber