Biografie"MESRINE came about around summer of 1997, although the actual name was found in 1998. For the first few jams we used the name BEAN, which is also the name of our first song. We were big Mr. Bean fans at the time he,he... The original line-up was Fred (guitar), Dan (drums) and Christian (bass/vocals). The idea was to play old school grindcore mixed with d-beat hardcore.

In 1998 we got a practice space in Québec without Christian. So we had no bass player for all of 1998. We tried out a couple dudes on vocals, and finally hooked up with Felix Théberge. We played our first gigs that summer with this line-up. Then Felix left the band. In november ´98 we recorded a demo with a 4-Track, with Dan doing most of the vocals. Felix came down to do a few tracks as well. At the same time we also recorded stuff for the split 7"" with ROT. We were not satisfied with the recording so we only sold or gave away very few copies of the demo tape and ended up using other material for the ROT split.

In 1999 we were sharing a practice space with the band B.L.A.K. That band´s guitarist Tchen-Lé ended up being our new bass player. Also Christian made a return as vocalist. Finally we had a full line-up, so we wrote a bunch of songs and in may ´99 we went to a recording studio for the first time. The stuff was used for the 3 way split CD with TRAUMATISM and NYCTOPHOBIC as well as the split 7"" with ROT. No gigs have been played with this line-up, as Tchen-Lé moved to Montreal, so once again we had no bassist. So for the rest of 1999 it was mostly Dan and Fred rehearsing as a two piece. A bunch of songs were written, but never recorded. When we found a new bass player in Kevin Bottiau (guitarist in TRAUMATISM), we ditched all our songs and started from scratch.

So year 2000 saw us jamming with Dan, Fred, Kevin and Christian. In may we had a free recording session at Sonum Studios and recorded 4 songs for the split 7"" with DAHMER. We played a couple of gigs during the summer. Kevin was back full time to his main band TRAUMATISM so he had less time for rehearsals, so by the time we went to record the ""Going To The Morgue"" CD, he only knew about half of the songs. So Fred ended up playing bass on most of the album. Also Christian had problems with his voice so he was unable to do his vocal tracks. So Dan had to do almost all of the vocals, along with a few guest vocals by Seb Dionne. So because of this, the vocals were pretty much done on the spot. We added some bonus tracks on the CD that were recorded in 1998 with a 4-Track, just for fun. These tracks were originally supposed to be released as the split 7"" with ROT, but it´s a different recording than what was done in november of 1998. So three different recordings were done for that split! By the end of 2000 we had found a new bassist in Steve Cormier and a new vocalist in Steve ""Le Barbu"" Poirier.

In april of 2001, we played our first gig with the new line-up (Dan - drums, Fred - guitar, Chris - vocals, Cormier - bass and Le Barbu - vocals) in Toronto. Then that summer we played a bunch of gigs all around Québec. In july we recorded stuff for split EP´s with NOISECORE FREAK, GLAUCOMA, IRRITATE and CARBONO 14. The last one never came out, so the songs were used for a split 7"" with SEPTICEMIE in 2004. More gigs were played and more new songs were written.

2002 saw the band keep the same line-up. In july we recorded stuff for the ""Shot To Death"" 7"" and for split EP´s with NEEDFUL THINGS and GORED FACE. We played gigs in Montreal, Toronto, Oshawa and also in Jonquiere, where we got to record the gig on a 4-Track. The stuff was mixed in Montreal by our producer Jack and we used some of the songs for split EP´s with NEUROVISCERAL EXHUMATION and REBELION DISIDENTE. Christian had moved to Montreal but stayed in the band.

In early 2003 Christian decided it was too much of a hassle to play in a band that was 2 and a half hours away from him, so he left the band. Soon after we got a new guy called David Corneau to do 2nd vocals. In september we recorded stuff for the split CD/LP with DEPRESSION. That was Cormier´s last appearance with MESRINE, as he left the band soon after that. So we then found bass player Yohan Robichaud, who also plays in DIFAMATION from Ste-Marie.

The first months of 2004 were spent jamming with our new bassist, getting ready for some gigs. In may we fired Corneau, so we are now a 4 piece consisting of Fred - guitar, Le Barbu - vocals, Yohan - bass and Dan - drums. In june we did our first ever tour, playing across Canada with gigs in Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Soon after that Yohan had to leave the band.

In september new stuff was recorded for some split EPs and marks the return of our old bassist Jack (formely known as Tchen-Lé). In december/january we recorded a new full studio album.

In april 2005 we recorded 12 cover songs for the split CD with BAD TRIPPE, to be released later in 2005. In august, the new album "I Choose Murder" was released, as well as the split picture 7" EP with NEEDFUL THINGS, and the 7" discography CD entitled "Jack Is Dead (1999-2004)". In september we went on tour for the first time in europe, playing 27 gigs in 7 countries.

2006 saw a few new releases: MESRINE/REBELION DISIDENTE Split 7", MESRINE/BADTRIPPE Split CD, MESRINE/EPITOME Split 7", MESRINE/FUCK THE FACTS Split 7" and finally the MESRINE/ARCHAGATHUS Split 7". As well as a live appearance on the "Giants Of Grind II" DVD, taken from the festival of the same name that took place in Salzgitter, Germany in september 2005. Not much has happened gig wise, except for a mini 4 gig tour in june with MISERY INDEX and DISFEAR in Ontario and Quebec. In july we began recording a new studio album for Power-It-Up Records, to be released in early 2007. Quelle: CD 2007

Mesrine / Archagathus - Split 7´´ EP 2006

Mesrine / Fuck The Facts - Split 7´´ EP 2006

Mesrine / Epitome - Split 7" EP 2006

Mesrine / Badtrippe - Split CD 2006

Mesrine/ Rebelion Disidente, Split MCD & 7´´ EP

Jack Is Dead (1999-2004) CD 2005

I Choose Murder CD 2005

Mesrine/ Needful Things, split picture 7" EP 2005

Mesrine/ Depression, split 12" LP 2004

Mesrine/ Depression Split CD 2004

Mesrine/ Depression, Split MC 2004

Mesrine/ Septicémie split 7" EP 2004

Mesrine/ Krush split 7" EP 2003

Mesrine/ Neuro-Visceral Exhumation split 7" EP 2003

Mesrine/ Glaucoma split 7 2002

Shot To Death 7´´ EP 2002

Mesrine/ Noisecore Freak split 7 2002

Mesrine/ Irritate split 7" EP 2002

Going To The Morgue CD 2001

Mesrine/ Dahmer split 7" EP 2001

Mesrine/ Traumatism/ Nyctophobic 3 way split CD 2000

Mesrine/ Rot split 7" EP 1999

Débile Mental Demo Tape/ CD-R 1998



Unidentifiied - Cover
Eigentlich müsste Grindcore so schmerzen wie das Genital beim Fahrradfahren - wenn ein Fuß von der Pedale abrutscht und der Unterleib auf der Fahrradstange hängenbleibt.