Fall Ov Serafim

BiografieThe band Fall Ov Serafim was formed by former members of Misteltein.
Two full length albums was released on No Fashion records (MNW) under the name Misteltein, Rape in rapture (1999) and Divine.desecrate.complete (2001), after wich the band went through some heavy line-up changes.

However, most members of Misteltein decided to continue on a new path, and therefore formed Fall Ov Serafim.
A deal with Regain Records was signed and the band entered the Mystical Arts studio to record the full length album entitled Nex Iehovae in the late summer of 2005 and the album is now to be released in the spring/summer of 2006.

The main goal for Fall Ov Serafim is to create the best metal music possible and doing that without restricting the crative process to any specific genre.
The music on Nex Iehovae is basically symphonic black metal with influences both from death and thrash metal. The lyrical concept of the album is based on the bands views on the world, life, death and religions. There is also a strong biblical/prophetic atmosphere in some of the lyrics.Quelle: http://www.sureshotworx.deDiscografieNex Iehovae CD 2006


Nex Iehovae - Cover
Die Schweden (der Name könnte "Fall der Engel" bedeuten) gehen aus Misteltein hervor - vielleicht sind sie es sogar, denn laut Heimseite haben sich zwei Ex-Member den alten Namen gesichert, die restll