BiografieIt all started in 1995 with Seb (guitar) and Yvan (drums). Then john joined the band on guitar and Seb switched to bass. With this line-up, they only played for a couple of months. In June 1995, due to the fact that John was working far away and that they had to record their debut split 7", they recorded 14 songs with Seb on guitar and Yvan on drums. This recording had a poor sound and had no bass.

Later, John came back and Fred joined the band as a second guitar player. This line-up also lasted only a couple of months. Then John left the band and the line-up remained the same after that:

Fred: guitars
Seb: bass + vocals
Yvan: drums

At the beginning, their topics were more about Serial Killers and Mass murderers and about things that pissed them off. Later on, they also wrote about everything they felt about, everything they saw that pissed them off (not only serious things)

All lyrics were written by Seb, all music by Dahmer, except for 2 songs (one by John (ex-guit) and another one by Fool-Face (they took the music but put their own lyrics). They played several times in Québec and Montréal.

We chose the name Dahmer for no specific reason; Jeffrey was well known, so the fans knew what to expect. And in the beginning, the majority of their songs were about serial killers and mass murderers.

The band then split in the end of 1999/early 2000 but by then, they had a huge cult following still consider them as the greatest Canadian Grindcore/Crust band of all time, collecting everything that was ever made by the band… So it was with great pleasure that Grind It! decided to release a collection of all the studio tracks the band has ever recorded! This CD is now available by clicking here!

PS: The ex-members of the band are now in a Grindcore band called Fist Fuck! More on this soon…
Quelle: http://www.grinditrecords.netDiscografieDahmer/Undinism
split 7"
(Sold out)

"Demo 1 ´96"

Dahmer/Carcass Grinder/
Diarrhée Mentale
"3 way split tape"
(Sold out)

"9 Trak" 7"

split 7"

split 7"

split 7"

"2 song" 7"

split 7"

Dahmer/Apartment 213
split 7"

"Dahmerized" LP / CD

split 7"

Dahmer/Frank And The Bitches
split CD

Dahmer/Mesrine split 7"

Dahmer/Parade Of The Lifeless
split 7´´

Lucifer D. Larynx And The Satanic Grind Dogs Of Death / Needful Thing / The Kill / Dahmer 4 way split 7´´

- Dahmer/Ruido split 7´´

The Studio Sessions - Discography 2003



The Studio Sessions - Discography - Cover
62 Songs in 77 Minuten - alles, was DAHMER je gemacht haben, findet sich auf dieser CD. Und die große Songanzahl deutet den Weg: Grindcore, krank und kultig.