Biografien the middle of 2004, A-bomb was founded by Erik Gärdefors. Erik is also playing in Heresy and Insult. He asked Daniel Blomberg and Simon Blomberg from Saturate, if they would like to be members in A-bomb, and the answer was yes.
Four songs was written by Erik and in the beginning of October the band entered the studio Hoborec , and recorded the first demo called "in a moment of aberration". Engineers for this recoding was Ulf Blomberg and Björn Isaksson. Together with Ulf in the studio, A-bomb did some additional, industrial noises to fit into the music. The result was a form of industrial metal. The band are now searching for gigs, and the demo is sent to different magazines for reviews.Underdog
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A Moment Of Aberration - Cover
Obwohl sie aus Schweden kommen, sind A-BOMB kein weiterer Beweis für den Inzest imnerhalb der Death Metal-Szene.