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BiografieEverybody around the band Pain of Salvation claims that the band was always predestined for success. Already back in 1984 the very young and talented singer and guitarist
Daniel Gildenlow started the band Reality in his hometown Eskilstuna, Sweden. They had a local breakthrough and is still the youngest band ever to have made it to Rock-SM, the national music contest that made Europe a household band all around the world in the 80s. Today, Reality can be seen as an early "beta version" of PAIN OF SALVATION.

Former guitarist Daniel Magdic joined the band in 1987 and Johan Langell, who is still in the band today, only three years later. In 1991 this group of people, together with bassist Gustaf Hielm (later in Meshuggah) performed the very first time as PAIN OF SALVATION . The band now had some local and national success through different music
contest, and in December 1994 Daniel´s younger brother Kristoffer (bass) joined the band. Fredrik (key) completed the line-up in 1996 and for the first time, the band was ready to aim for a record deal with the demo "Hereafter".

In early 1997 their debut album "Entropia" was completed and was released by the Japanese company MARQUEE on the AVALON label in August that same year. The album was very well received in the media and by progressive rock/metal fans all over the world. MARQUEE decided to bring Daniel over to Tokyo for a promotion week in October.

At the same time PAIN OF SALVATION´s first video was recorded for the song "!" by Mikael Svedberg. Daniel was featured in various TV- and radio shows and made interviews for the Japanese metal press, as well as performing on selected record stores. By that time, Daniel also got endorsed by KORG (Parker Fly) and did an unplugged performance at the Tokyo Music Fair. "Entropia" was also very well received on the Internet and the band gained fans all over the world since the album quickly became available to purchase on many online record stores.

Fans, as well as curious record companies, frequently visited the POS official web-site, interested in the POS phenomena. This lead to a licensing deal for Romania with SC ROCRIS DISC in late 1997. Reviews on the net had described the band as musical geniuses and the new
pioneers of the progressive rock/metal scene. Their reputation spread vastly and when recording the second album, the band had great expectations, along with a heavy pressure from interested record companies.

The material for the coming album "One hour by the concrete lake", was composed during the entire fall of ´97, and in December the band recorded a demo to get familiar with the new songs. At this point, Daniel Magdic was asked to leave the band. However, there were no hard feelings and he is still a close friend of the band. During the time of rehearsing the new material and composing the last songs, the band was looking for someone to replace Daniel Magdic. Considering the level of difficulty in the band´s music, Daniel Gildenlow actually prepared to play all guitars himself. Nevertheless, through auditions they found Johan Hallgren whom Daniel Gildenlow had met during his short period as a stand-in vocalist in Crypt of Kerberous. Thus, only two weeks before entering the studio, Johan Hallgren was asked to join the band, to perform the impossible stunt of learning all his guitar parts for the new album. During the recording of the album Johan really "grew" to be a close friend and band member and was officially announced to replace Daniel Magdic in April 1998. The second concept album "One hour by the concrete lake" was completed in May. The record labels were crazy about it, which lead to the deals with INSIDEOUT in Europe, HELLION Records in South America and later on INSIDEOUT AMERICA in the States. The album was released in 1998/1999 and was immediately called a classic masterpiece, receiving great attention from fans and magazines all around the world. The album was described as heavier and darker than "Entropia", more focussed and mature. Up to this date, this album has in fact only received one single not-so-good review out of several hundreds globally, and that was in a small Swedish town.

In May 1999, during the South American release, the band went for a tour together with THRESHOLD (UK) and ELDRITCH (IT) all over Europe.

After this the band took some time off before creating their third work - the monumental concept album "The Perfect Element, part I", recorded in early 2000. Despite the very high level of their two previous albums, Pain of Salvation has decided to turn the screw even a few more notches to show the world that there is no band today that can match neither their originality nor their groundbreaking approach to metal, or any music for that matter.

The album received a huge response from media and fans all over the world and Pain of Salvation toured over Europe with Arena (UK) in September/October 2000. In February 2001 the band played their first show in USA as headliners of the ProgPower USA festival. They also paid a visit to Iceland that same month.

With growing fan bases in more than 25 countries, Pain of Salvation can today count some of the biggest artists in the genre to their number of devoted listeners. When we enter the new millennium, Pain of Salvation offers a fresh path previously not embarked upon through an otherwise jaded and stagnated progressive scene.
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2004 Be

2004 12:5

2002 Remedy Lane

2000 The Perfect Element Pt. I

1999 One Hour By The Concrete Lake

1997 Entropia


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Donnerstag 24.05.2012
PAIN OF SALVATION confirmed a special, one-time acoustics show in Leipzig not long ago - reason enough to talk to their main songwriter Daniel Gildenlöw. As it turned out, he didn’t want to speak about the show only, but about many other topics related to PAIN OF SALVATION and his personal vision of music too.


Be - Cover
Nach vier starken Alben, geprägt von hochklassigem progressivem Metal legten PAIN OF SALVATION Anfang 2004 die ebenfalls sehr starke, live aufgenommene Akustikscheibe "12:5" vor.
Linoleum - Cover
Anfang 2010 soll das neue Album der Schweden erscheinen, und um die Wartezeit zu verkürzen, gibt es jetzt schon mal eine Handvoll neuer Songs in Form der halbstündigen EP „Linoleum“ zu hör
On The Two Deaths Of   - Cover
„Ending Themes – On The Two Death Of PAIN OF SALVATION“ so der komplette Titel gliedert sich in 2 DVDs, wobei die erste unter den Titel „Sixworlds/Eightdays” eine gut gem