WE SELL THE DEAD - Videopremiere von "Pale and Perfect"

"Pale and Perfect" ist bereits das dritte Storytelling - Video von WE SELL THE DEAD und feiert Premiere. Schaut Euch hier das Video an:

die Band zum Video:

Niclas Engelins’ challenge when writing the music to "Pale and Perfect" was mostly the tempo and to keep it interesting through 5 min 22 sec, which was new to him as a songwriter. 
”I love how the brutal riffage in the beginning morphs into a clear melodic verse! Apollo is shining like the star he is and he makes the chorus big and epic, and then we have the pounding of Gas and Jonas who are the solid rocks on slow phased songs. Brilliant in my world!" 

Jonas Slättung explains: ”Lyrically, 'Pale and Perfect' is about a guy who refuses to accept that his beloved is gone. He looses touch with reality and decides to preserve her body and cares for it like a precious doll. Somehow he realises that something is missing, her soul is gone, but he can’t let go.”

To Dan Lind, the creator of the video, "Pale and Perfect" became something else.
”In a time when people sell themselves cheap, they sometimes attract evil deities. Three Horned Demons of a Dark Dimensiona open a portal to the mortal realm when it's time to collect. Only someone who has refused to bow down to any God can destroy these evil beings. But who in this day and age can say they haven't sold out and accepted a life on the knees?”

Quelle: peter klapproth