KADINJA veröffentlichen Musikvideo

Die Progressive Metal Überflieger KADINJA aus Frankreich veröffentlichen heute das Musikvideo zur brandneuen Single 'The Modern Rage' von ihrem mit Spannung erwarteten zweiten Album »Super 90'«, welches am 18. Januar 2019 via Arising Empire erscheinen wird.

"'The Modern Rage' is a kind of patchwork of all what we love and tried to gather on this album. It's a very characteristic song of the album Super 90'. This song mixes technics, neo-metal/rock parts, clean and nervous vocals, etc. with a real balance between old school elements and modern metal stuff." - KADINJA

"For this videoclip, we wanted to make something more ironic and funny and tried to imagine what a classroom of studients suffering from 'Modern Rage' would look like. To do so, we gathered a bunch of friends in a school in Paris with only one directive: bring all what you find annoying and which unfortunately represents our generation, our era. Combined with a few old school elements (nineties here again !), this is a good symbol for this song, mainly based on a confrontation between two ways of thinking." erklärt die Band.

Quelle: Gordeon