CROBOT veröffentlichten offizielles Video „Low Life“

Crobot präsentieren mit „Low Life“ ein neues, offizielles Video aus dem bald erscheinenden Album „Motherbrain” (VÖ 23.08.2019), hier zu sehen:

Der Clip wurde von David Brodsky inszeniert und von Allison Woest für My Good Eye-Musikvideos (Clutch, Queensryche, Gwar) produziert.

Den Song kommentiert die Band wie folgt… “Low Life” exhibits an expanded palette for the band.  Featuring chunky guitars and a howling hook, it sees the band co-write with Johnny Andrews and deliver a bold banger. Guitarist Chris Bishop shared, “It’s a song we never would’ve written by ourselves.  That makes it cool. It took us out of our comfort zone.” “It’s an anthem about this outside perspective on the definition of a lowlife,” explains Brandon. “There’s a misconception that being a touring musician without a lot of money makes you a lowlife, but how is that really any different from the rest of the world? And, if that does make you a lowlife, we’re okay with it!”

Crobot Singer Brandon Yeagley dazu, “Gather 'round Beardos! Getcher ears to watch and your eyes to listen to the Crobot channel's Low Life transmission.  What we're selling is kid-tested & Motherbrain approved. And you too can have your own Low Life anthem for the one time only low, low price of your soul!  Just sign right here...annnnnd here...”

Quelle: netinfect