Black Stone Cherry – Video Premiere zu „All Your Love“

Nach der erfolgreichen Veröffentlichung der Tribute-EP „Black to Blues” von Black Stone Cherry in 2017 erscheint nun am 01. November mit Black To Blues, Volume 2” eine weitere EP, die genau in die gleiche Kerbe schlägt!

Vorab gibt es nun brandneu die Video Premiere zu „All Your Love“ und dazu noch das Static Video zu „Death Letter Blues“, also eine Menge zu hören…

Dazu hier ein Kommentar von der Band: "John Fred had the absolute honor to meet Mr. Rush when The Kentucky Headhunters played with him at the Blues Aid Festival in Helena Arkansas. His kindness and larger than life his personality was encouraging and stuck. When we did the BTB2 album, we had the idea to cover "All Your Love". The arrangement is true to the original but with our special BSC was touch. I think he would be proud to know his music is still inspiring younger generations. Hope ya'll enjoy!"

Auch hierzu ein Kommentar der Band: "We have played a few different versions of this song live for several years!! To finally be able to go in the studio and actually record it was an incredible experience and we got to extend the live version and have a lot of fun. Son house is without a doubt one of the most haunting artists of all time, Blues or any genre, we can only hope we did the song and him justice! "

Quelle: netinfect