Ashes Of Ares veröffentlichen neues Video

ASHES OF ARES (ft. ex Iced Earth's Matt Barlow) veröffentlichen ein brandneues Video zu ihrer zweiten Single "Let All Despair". Der Song stammt vom kommenden Album "Well Of Souls", das am 9.11. via Digipack CD, 2LP Black Vinyl & Limited 2LP Black/Turquoise Splatter Vinyl via ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records erscheint.

Sänger Matt Barlow kommentiert: "Let All Despair" is the first song in the "Well of Souls" Trilogy. It is the introduction into a world that is on the brink of destruction. This is a time in the life cycle of Mother Earth known as the Purging Time. At this point in Earth's history, the human race is infantile compared to other of Her surface dwelling life forms. The trilogy is the story of humanity's introduction to the revelations of The Mother's direct connection with all of the life that fall under her care. Also, the understanding that when She enters into dormancy, all life on Earth are vulnerable to outside forces in our universe, that consume all souls left unprotected.”

Quelle: Gordeon