Posthardcore from Marburg
The reservoir of new Swedish Metal bands seems to be just endless. Hot on the trails of High Roller recording artists Dead Lord, Humbucker and Heavy Tiger there is Ambush.
Hailing from the westernmost region of Los Angeles County — Agoura Hills, to be exact — American Eyes’ members Henry, Richardson and Gold actually shared sandboxes together, having known each other si
AMOK spawned in 2000 as a death/grind/thrash metal unit. The aim was from the beginning to bring back the doomsday holocaust from the 80?s.
Johan Hegg - vocals Olli Mikkonen - guitar Johan Söderberg - guitar Ted Lundström - bass Fredrik Andersson - drums
Like Death all those years ago, the mean Helsinki based death/thrash combo Amoral manage to include in their music a healthy dose of technical flair and melody without any serious letdown in the bruta
There is power in a name, as ancient wisdom claims. And sometimes a prophecy. It was a moment of rare foresight when guitarist Esa Holopainen came up with a name for his new band: Amorphis.
Die Band Amorticure findet sich erstmals im Jahr 2001zusammen um bekannte Songs von Metallica, Megadeth,usw. zu covern.Erst im Jahr 2003 werden durch, das letzte verbleibende
Act I: Somatè
Guitar/Vocals - Sel Balamir Drums - Matt Brobin Bass - Neil Mahony AMPLIFIER arrive in a seismic heartbeat.