The world we live in is marked by disorder and chaos. Few things, if any, are certain.
This story begins one evening in January 1998, when Heri Joensen met his old bandmate, Kári Streymoy, at a ball in central Copenhagen, and shouted at him in a raspy drunken voice through the noise and
Tyrael existiert unter diesem Namen seit 2000 und verarbeitet seitdem die Eindrücke der Welt in Form von Black/Death Metal.
The first German band to join Scarlet-Team!
Im Frühjahr 2003 lösten Dominic und Jakob (beide Gitarre) ihre Band Shanara (Split-CD-Veröffentlichung auf [incendiary.records] + div.
In winter 2007, from the ashes of Martyrum, Kim C and Adde started to work on a new projekt with the intension to make something new, yet bringing that cold, dark feeling to the music.