Persona Non Grata's formation began in 2003 when John Ioannidis (keyboards) invited Chris Gatsos (guitars) to join his group Fatal Error.
The band Persuader was formed in 1997.
The band was founded in October 1995 by Martin Marinèák (vocals) and Jozef Košè (guitar).
Seit 19 Jahren gehören Perzonal War zur Speerspitze der deutschen Underground-Metal Szene.
The band started in 1997 with Atax (guitar/voice), Mrok (drums) and Scum (bass/guitar), to create dark music for dark souls, but mainly for ourselves.
1997 - 2008 ...and the madness continues...
The new album starts with something that sounds like a sacred sermon. In just a few seconds the mood changes, from holy to hellish. It sets the tone for the rest of the album.
Pestnebel wurde im Jahr 2002 von Pestmeister Tairach (Saiteninstrumente, Gesang) und Nebeltroll (Schlagzeug, Keyboard) in Göttingen gegründet, um kalten, rohen Black Metal zu zelebrieren.
Make no mistake! PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES have written some of the best punk songs ever.
Peter Dolving writes words, plays music, paints and draws stuff. Sometimes he will brush his teeth, sometimes he won't. One time he brushed his teeth BUT then ate some chocolate BEFORE he went to bed.
Love, humour, tension, theatre, glamour, inner, outer; it´s all there in Peter Murphy´s music, which has existed in the corner of the public´s eye for the last 20 years without ever taking cultural ce
Phantasmagoria Within ist eine Symphonic Progressive Metal Band aus dem Süden Deutschlands.
Phantom Winter
Though its earliest echoes ring back to 1997, American heavy metal act PHARAOH released its debut album via the Cruz del Sur Music label in 2003.
Phaze I is the violent brainchild of David Potvin (Lyzanxia), who has joined forces with his usual partner in crime, brother Franck Potvin (Lyzanxia) and friend Dirk Verbeuren (Scarve, Soilwork), to u
PHAZM was born in 2003.