After a debut rocking and aggro-belting album ?Built for speed?, the Switzerland?s whiskey induced metal hybrid KRUGER, which have joined in 2001, had made themselves known in 2005 with a massive, hea
In 1995 Les Huber and Todd Brashear teamed up guitars to jam their favorite Metallica and Pantera songs. Chris Huber came in next as the drummer. Not long after entered Derrick Richards and his bass.
2002 Kult was born from the hands of Kacele (Guitars) and Werewolf (Vocals) with the only purpose to play raw old school Black-Metal.
Hi ! We are KUNN & THE MAGIC MUFFINS straight from Luxembourg, and play a fine blend of SUNDAY-SKA. Why SUNDAY-SKA ??
As they say, life will find its way. Named after one of the lowest, dryest and hottest places on Earth, Kuolemanlaakso (”Death Valley”) took its first breath in the Spring of 2010.
Official BiographyBrutally catchy punkrock/metal with a taste of groovy darkness!
KYLESA (Savannah, Georgia, USA) make a triumphant return with their fourth album “Static Tensions” – undoubtedly the band’s finest work to date.