AXECUTER was raised by long date friends who have been in the Metal scene for so long and always shared a true passion for Heavy Metal.
Axel Rudi Pell, the German guitar wizard (date of birth 06/27/1960), has become a permanent part of the German Metal scene since he released his first album with the German band "Steeler" (1984 - s/t)
1988 nach der Einsendung eines einzigen Demotitels wurde AXXIS von der EMI Electrola gesignt .
Über AYREON gibt es vor allem eines zu sagen – es ist das mehr oder minder alleinige Ding von Mastermind Arjen Anthony Lucassen.
Azahel's Fortress was given birth in the begining of 2003 as solo project from Azahel.
AZARATH was formed in October 1998 by Inferno, Bruno and D.The first recordings were: "Traitors"demo and Promo'2000.