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Taetre started in 93 at this time named Deformed. The members were Conny Vandling, bass guitar, Graveyard Skeleton, drums and Jonas Lindblood, guitar and vocals. In 95 they recorded an unoffial demo wich was untitled and contained the following songs. "And here I end", "In the shadows underneath", "The gate", "Nightbreed" and "The past Returns". Both "Nightbreed" and "The past returns" would end up on albums. "Nightbreed" (remade) on the "Out of emotional disorder" album and "The past returns" as an outro on debut album "The art".

At this time Graveyard and Conny also played in a stonerock/metal band called Kifsoil and Jonas participated in a black metalband called Demonium. Ex-Prophanity guitarist Niclas Magnusson also played in this band. Shortly after recording the untitled demo Deformed met up with Danyael Nilsson, guitar, and changed bandname to Enthrone. Some contacts in the underground informed Enthrone that there were alot of bands with simular names, so the guys changed name one more final time, the result was Taetre.

In 96 Taetre entered a studio and recorded their first demo limited to a hundred copies. The demo was named "Eternal eclipse". The songs on this demo was "When winter came", "On the other side", "Those trapped beyond" and "Eternal eclipse". The song "When winter came" later ended up on "The art". Taetre got in contact with Voice of death records and recorded one song "Before the dawn" for a compilation album entitled "Voices of death part 1". This song would also appear on the debut album though slightly changed into "Into the dawn".

Due to alot of good rewievs on the "Eternal eclipse" demo Diehard sublabel Emanzipation productions got in contact with Taetre and a deal for 2 albums was signed. At this time Graveyard and Jonas started playing in drunk alcometal band Whiskeyfly as a sideproject, not to lose interest in Taetre and to do something different. Taetre entered Los Angered recording with studio genius Andy laRocque, and recorded and mixed the dubut album "The art" in 9 days! The result was a raw mix of melody, combined with elements of thrash, death and black metal. Lyricwise Taetre were singing about mostly Clive Barker influenced horror tales and one song was about the real Dracula- Vlad Tepes Dracul (the song "Prince of many faces).

Due to the good responce, and the lack of a tour, Taetre started writing more material for the follow up album. And once again in October 98 they entered Los Angered recording and recorded the suicidal follow up entitled "Out of emotional disorder". This album was recorded and mixed in 15 days. To put it short the album was more thrashy than "The art" and had less black metal influence and a lot harder sound. The lyrics on this album were mostly suicidal.

After this Jonas and Robert Peterson (drummer in Swedish Anata) started a project band entitled "Satans little helper" but this band died after a few rehearsals. Jonas has also been a member of Danish/Swedish Thorium wich released their debut album "Ocean of blasphemy"on Diehard, but due to lack of time Jonas left Thorium to concentrate on Taetre. Taetre is now working on the follow up to 99´s album "Out of emotional disorder.

In late February 2001 Taetre and Taetre bassman Conny Vandling decided to part ways. It was not like he was kicked out of the band nor that he himself left the band on his own, but more as both sides had the same idea. The replacement was D.K.

In February 2002 Taetre signed a deal with danish label MIGHTY MUSIC and at the same time Danyael left the band, due to lack of time. At this critical point the new Taetre album "Divine Misanthropic Madness" was recorded in Los Angered Recording with Andy LaRocque once again performing a suberb job behind the knobbs. After a few months, Danyaels replacement would show up in the shape of guitarist Maggot. The new TAETRE album is entitled "Divine Misanthropic Madness" and will be released through Mighty Music in September 2002.Quelle: - The Art

1999 - Out Of Emotional Disorder

2002 - Divine Misanthropic Madness


Out Of Emotional Disorder - Cover
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