Phoenix Mourning

BiografieAmidst the adversity of the ever so popular parting of band members these days, Phoenix Mourning is the birth of such a trend. With each member being a part of past bands that saw lineup changes all to frequently, the five met through trial and error that eventually fell into the role of fate. Phoenix Mourning was formed around the perseverance of artists who wanted their passion and love for music to be shared on a universal scale. Each individual member has over come so many obstacles to finally be a part of what they considered to be the same vision. Creating music that thrives on the emotions that ultimately speak as a novel to their lives and being blessed with the ability to share such a story, while never compromising integrity and always pushing each others art forms to the limits. "Admittedly, this is a calling of sorts, we do this because the five of us feel this is what we are supposed to be doing."

With touring in the near future, they look forward to coming to each and every city and meeting new people on the road daily. Phoenix Mourning absolutely thrives on an intense live show that promises fans to be something to always remember. "Nothing else compares to the feeling of taking the stage and bringing this "story" you have written for people in the form of music, directly into their lives." When you have connected with a crowd and have had an amazing show, its pretty much an unbeatable feeling.

This is just a little information about Phoenix Mourning and why we do what we do. But it is far too often that a bands bio is summed up in a few paragraphs and we can not possibly do that. The truth is music is an art and can not be summed up in a "stock" biography, instead it is something that needs to be seen and heard to fully understand where the artists is coming from. The artist´s depiction of what he creates will always mean something different to each and every person who hears and sees it, and the unique experience you take from it is priceless. We hope to see you all on the road very soon, take care.


Phoenix Mourning

Jeremiah Ruff (vocals)

Ahmed Smith (guitar)

Stephen Bowman (guitar)

Marshall Gibson (bass)

Kerry DeWitt (drums)
Quelle: - When Excuses Become Antiques


When Excuses Become Antiques - Cover
Mit PHOENIX MOURNING betritt ein Newcomer die metallische Bühne und beglückt uns mit - Überraschung - einer Mischung aus melodischem Death Metal und Metalcore, wobei das Quintett wohl eher die Fans de