Biografiep.h.o.b.o.s. : unknown anguish, son of the god of war, or chaotically revolving martian satellite ?
attraction for loud, powerful and moody sounds, away from metal cliches

incarnation early 00

meltdown of dissonant distortions, dark subs and tortured voices, by frederic sacri, pulsed by several mortals

blunt capture and cutting of five signals end 01 for a first autoproduced material through megaton mass products : ´proto´

since 03, remoulding of former tracks and plunge into new ugly spaces by abusing dry and cold technologies

first and last live performance in tilburg, nl

gestation of the monster in 04 for imminent rising : ´tectonics´

Quelle: CD 2005


Tectonics - Cover
Doom-Industrial? Doom Insudtrial!