Nim Vind

BiografieHave you been pushed out? Have you walked past a group of people and been hassled for just being yourself?
Are you considered to be an Outcast, Outsider, Waste of time, Piece of Shit because you're different? Are you too smart, too stupid, to cool,
to uncool, too plain, too pretty, to macho, to week, or just too unwilling to follow trends? Are you considered clinically or chemically insane?
Has your doctor recommended or prescribed pills to you to regulate your moods? Has it been suggested to you that you be more agreeable? If so, let me tell you about Nim Vind.

Nim Vind means freedom by insanity. Nim is a take on the National Institute of Mental Health or the NIMH. As Nim is not mentally healthy by any means or standards, the H was removed from NIMH leaving Nim. Vind is short for Vindication, meaning freedom, to be proven right, justified, or defended. Vindicated. Set free by lack of interest in the rules or the sanity to comprehend them. A lack of ability to follow the rules. Nim Vind means freedom by your insanity or more directly, your individualism. Freedom by your individualism that doesn't need medication, is always relevant, and is too important to categorize and sweep to the side. Fuck the rules. Fuck being a spoke on the wheel. Fuck being a link on the chain. Fuck settling for assimilation. There is no such thing as normal, there is only conformity to the agreed upon idea of normal. Be glad anytime someone calls you a freak or a faggot or a loser. The day they stop is the day you're not longer a threat to their piece of mind, their feelings grounded in their belief in the rules of being normal.

Nim Vind has been denied by every label, every agent, every manager. He's been told by every booking agent that he didn't fit the bill, didn't fit the roster, didn't match the night, didn't fit the tour, wasn't worth any money, and should go Die somewhere. Nim Vind is me and I've found my space. My revenge is forcing these people to have to take the time to reject me. Forcing the redneck dumbass to have to risk crashing his paint truck to swerve across two lanes of traffic at 9am to call me a "fucking faggot" as I walk down the street. Forcing the major label shit-fuck to have to tell me that my music is "very original but we aren't looking for that". Forcing the booking agent to have to tell me that "I hate your band but we need you to bring girls to the show". Fuck all these people and their demands of normalcy and their inconsequential rejections. I win by existing when they wish I wouldn't. If you identify with me you came to the right place. Check out what I'm offering. Let's start something.
Nim Vind.

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