BiografieFrom an oversaturated and often repetitive scene, Cleveland, Ohio natives Narcissus have come forth as a powerful, passionate band of artists determined to challenge hardcore’s dogmatic traditions. Cleverly lacing beautiful melodies around their metal/rock hybrid with total aplomb, the time for a hardcore renaissance is now, and Narcissus’ newest album, Crave and Collapse, is set to ensure that.
Formed in July of 1998, Narcissus began their mission as musicians to actively pursue a sound and vision of strong, creative art. Affirming their dedication and goals as a blossoming hardcore act with a progressive flair, they were involved on a compilation release entitled Invasion from the East Coast (1998-Unified Records). Shortly after, Narcissus released their first record/EP entitled And Forthwith Came Out Blood and Water (1999-Clenchedfist Records), enabling them to capture a wide audience with its blend of meticulous melodies, churning guitars and thought-provoking lyrics. After supporting these two releases, they decided to escalate to the next level with Takehold Records, giving birth to Narcissus´ debut full-length record, New Wave Techno Homicide (2000-Takehold Records). With this album, they created a raw, intense entity of technical guitar sounds and dynamic vocals. Following this, Narcissus supported NWTH and took the nation by storm, hitting as many cities and towns as possible across the country while developing a very rabid and loyal fanbase.

Narcissus´ most recent release entitled Becoming Leviathan (2001-Takehold Records) brought them to a new level while pushing the band to expand beyond the normal confines of hardcore music. They believe Becoming Leviathan contributes to putting the words "creative depth" back into music by letting the art speak for itself while taking on every emotion and feeling, whether it is love, pain, sorrow, anger or jubilance. This led into a short U.S. tour with Shelter and earned them a coveted spot at the 2002 Warped Tour. Abacus re-released Becoming Leviathan with extra tracks and all new packaging just in time for their first full U.S. tour with Embodyment in February 2003.

Now firmly established and more confident than ever, Narcissus are preparing to unleash their 3rd full-length album, Crave and Collapse, produced by Bill Korecky (Mushroomhead, Keehaul) at Mars studio. Passionate and artistic, heavy and progressive, beautiful and devastating, are only some of the breathtaking parallels captured on Crave and Collapse. Featuring artwork from Niklas Sundin (Dark Tranquillity, In Flames, Arch Enemy) and played with ultimate conviction and sincerity, Crave and Collapse is proof that talent and musicianship still lie within the hardcore realm.
Quelle: http://www.narcissusrock.comDiscografieAnd Forthwith Came out Blood And Water - EP 1999

New Wave Techno Homicide - CD 2000

Becoming Leviathan - CD 2001

Crave And Collapse - CD 2004