Gospel Of The Horns

BiografieGospel of the Horns formed in Brisbane, Australia, in 93 and in late 94 they released their cult demo The Satanist's Dream on Einstand Records from Italy. In 96 Howitzer moved to Melbourne where he teamed up with Destroyer 666, playing drums for the Unchain the Wolves album. During this period, Howitzer was seeking adequate heathens to reform Gospel of the Horns. .... Finally
emerging in June 97 with Marauder taking over the guitar duties. Their second demo Sinners was recorded in May 98, once again selling well and gaining extremely positive reviews. After much consideration, the band decided to sign a deal with Damnation Records from Holland. .... In November 98,Gospel did a deal with Morbid Productions [Australia] to release the Monuments of Impurity 7" EP [limited to 300]. It contained three tracks which included Blood, Death, Hatred - a Mortal Sin number taken from their classic Mayhemic Destruction LP. .... Soon after this, Hellcunt [ex-Bestial Warlust, Anatomy, Entasis] joined the band injecting a more solid edge to the music. Gospel of the Horns debut M.L.P on Damnation was released in February 2000, entitled Eve of the Conqueror. .... Shortly after the release of Conqueror,Gospel of the Horns embarked on their first European assault in July/August 2000. They played with bands such as Enthroned, Primordial, Pentacle, Thus Defiled, Archon Infustus, Adorior and Hammerhawk. They conquered countries including Holland, Belgium, France, Ireland & England. .... Since returning from their European tour Gospel introduced a second guitarist Masocist (ex-Anatomy, Hellspawn). and unleased their first full length album titled A call to arms which was released on Invictus Productions from Ireland in 02. .... In May 03 the band toured Europe for the second time with In-Aeternum and Razor of Occam which was a great success. After returning the band has since played extensively around Australia. Gospel of the Horns again became a three piece with the departure of Marauder in June 05. .... After completing a successful Australian tour with legendary Swedish Death Metal band Dismember, G.O.T.H introduced another second guitarist, Hexx {ex- Carbon, Urgrund, Trench Hell} to the line-up in early 06. .... Marauder was re-introduced to the gospel line-up in January 2007. .... Gospel of the Horns released their second album, Realm of the Damned, in 2007 to promote their third U.S/European tour in 08/09. After the return of the bands tour of the States the band layed down the arms... You bastards know the story.. LOCK N LOAD... Our partnership with Kneel Before The Masters Throne began in 2008 with the release of Sinners demo on LP/PIC DISC and CD format. Following this KBTMT also released the Satanists Dream demo (94) again on LP/PIC DISC... Finally the band will be hitting the studio in December 2011 and early 2012 to record new tracks which will be released around the time of the Sinners Over Europe tour 2012... Beware Bastards, now is the time to strike!!!! We Are SINNERS!!!!Quelle: www