BiografieThe young musician Willdric Lievin created the French band Fairyland, previously called "Fantasy", in 1998. He started playing drums when he was 10 years old. After having been playing in many bands, among those the semi-professional act Helixir, he met Philippe Giordana, who at the time was playing keyboard in the band Absurd. Phil started playing keyboards when he was 14 years old. The two musicians shared the same passion for epic and symphonic Heavy Metal", and they soon began writing songs for their new project.

They made a demo called "Tribute To Universe", which was in a basic metal style. As time went by and work was done, their style evolved in a new way, with more symphonic and fantastic parts. They recorded a new demo called "Realm Of Wonders", which had a good success in the underground metal scene.

Many bands and some of the biggest musicians in the metal world helped them out with contacts and guidance, and that´s how they met the guitarist Anthony Parker, who was previously playing in the French band Heavenly. Anthony started playing guitars when he was 17 years old.

After a long time trying to find a label, they decided to record their first album all by themselves. They began recording in the "Wizard Studio" in February 2002 and the album wasn´t completed until November of the same year. The reason for taking that long a time was because they were finishing the composition of the songs while recording them.

During summer 2002, in the middle of recording the album, FairyLand started looking for a singer, but not in an ordinary singing style. The only name that came to them was Elisa C. Martin, known from the successful spanish power metal band Dark Moor.

After a long time researching for labels, they finally signed with the Danish based Intromental Management, who already have great experience in managing heavy metal bands from around the World.

Soon after Fantasia signed with the famous French label N.T.S., who among other great signings are known for having the band Adagio signed on their roster.

The now almost 100% completed debut album, "Of Wars In Oshyria", will be released worldwide in February 2003, and will be promoted massively by both record label and management.

Now the band have all the weapons to conquest and to take you - the listener - away with them to the fantastic metal world of Oshyria!!! Quelle: - Realm Of Wonders (Demo)

2003 - Of Wars In Osyhria

2006 - The Fall Of An Empire

2009 - Score To A New Beginning



Score To A New Beginning - Cover
Mit “The Fall Of An Empire” (siehe Review) haben die Franzosen FAIRYLAND vor über zwei Jahren die Schlacht im Teutoburger Wald, die Nibelungensage, „Herr Der Ringe“ und „
The Fall Of An Empire - Cover
Das Quintett, das zum größten Teil aus Frankreich stammt, hält es ähnlich wie die vielen Kollegen aus Italien und hat sich symphonischem (Fantasy -) Metal verschrieben, nur eben ohne Metal.