BiografieDafne’s history had a true beginning when Leo Ariel met Alessandro Moncelsi, on a lyceum desks, in 1999, in Orvieto.
Through Maths and Latin, they became good friends soon, and they realized they were sharing the same profound passion for music, that wonderful thing that makes you forget everything else, takes you away and doesn’t leave you anymore….that changes, in a while, your entire life.

They begun playing for joke some old blues songs, but, as days went by, their wish grew up bigger, and the idea of doing great things was born inside their mind.

Soon, Leo and Alex re- found the band Dafne, on the ashes of an old group created by Ariel a few years before, with the same name.

But the band seemed it couldn’t find a stable “balance”!
In fact, Leo and Alex, trying to recover a guitar player and a drummer, saw a lot of people come and then go away.
It’s really hard to find someone ready to give up everything else to play.

The years passed by, but they never lost their hope.

Then, one day, in a brand new music shop in town, Leo met Andrew Yourcenal.

Ariel was really shocked by the way that guy was playing the guitar, as fast as the wind, as powerful as a rock breaker!

In a while, Andrew begun the guitar player of the band.
The group was finally complete when a seventeen boy, called Ludwig Mariani, came up in the band.

Playing every night, ‘til late, into a little building a few kilometres far from the city, where the winters are freezing, and summer’s like hell, through bad weathers and worst conditions, they found soon their own sound, powerful like nothing heard before, and ,at the same time, sweet and melodic….a kind of fusion between the eighties Heavy Metal and the classical symphonic music of the eighteen and nineteen centuries.

Andrew likes to call it “Neoclassic Rock”, but I believe that their music can have no name but “Dafne”!

The hard working, all the restless nights and a little bit of luck brought ‘em, in 2004, to make their wish come true: a lot of Labels, after they listened to their Demo, liked that sound.

At the end of the year, the band had already signed a contract with the label Underground Symphony, and went into the Bonsai Studios to record the first album.

Leo and the others left the studios in February 2005, with a great rock album and a powerful old- style sound!

Quelle: - Still Alive (Demo)

2005 - Dafne



Dafne - Cover
Die Italiener DAFNE bestehen bereits seit 1999 und haben bisher ein Demo veröffentlicht, dessen drei Tracks auch auf diesem selbst betitelten Debüt zu finden sind.