BiografieAKASHIC was conceived in the year ´98 to produce a high quality progressive metal with meaningful lyrics. AKASHIC is formed by Marcos De Ros (guitar), Rafael Gubert (vocals), Fábio Alves (bass), Maurício Meinert (drums) and Éder Bergozza (keyboards).

AKASHIC (an energy where everything is registered) recorded a debut album called ´Timeless Realm´ via Scallabis Sound Production. The songs join the very best elements of classical, rock, metal and progressive. The album has an incredible sense of melodic balance. The result is a highly sophisticated and rich sounding music.

The band displayed in his songs a unique style with melodic rhythms and progressive beats, impressive guitar solos, powerful bass lines and belting vocals. Tracks such as ´For Freedom´, and ´The Fire of Temptation´ have already made waves throughout the musical scene. The songs are a culmination of hard work, unmatched musicianship, and with the incredible unstoppable musical talent and vision. ´Timeless Realm´ is an inviting record for music fans of all kind.

They also have made an enormous impact on the extreme music scene with highly acclaimed shows and amazing reviews. The group is perhaps the finest example of a pure prog/metal band with technical wit and a catchy songwriting approach. AKASHIC´s songs flow so easily that let fans amazed and wanting more. Certainly the audience recognizes a mature band with a highly artistic, songwriting and performing skills. AKASHIC have made a lot of gigs around countries such Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, and Belgium. ´Timeless Realm´ will be available also in Brazil through Hellion Records.
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2005 - A Brand New Day


A Brand New Day - Cover
Hui! Progressive Metal aus Brasilien! So etwas landet nicht jeden Tag im CD - Player. AKASHIC aus dem Land der bezahlbaren Frauen und Fußballgötter (ja, ja, ich weiß...