BiografieWe, Martin Laack(19), Robert Elfenbein(20), Felix Bergmann(20), Apophis(19) and Konstantin Schaar(20), formed at the beginning of 2007 the band "A.Formula.Controlled.Emotion", briefly AFCE. A long time before this date, we were good friends and made music but in other bands (Martin Laack [Obscure Mortuary], Robert Elfenbein [Coretation/Bollwerk], Felix Bergmann [Coretation/Bollwerk], Apophis [Behemoth/Nile], Konstantin Schaar [Rise From Above/Motherfunkers]) with which everyone of us collected live experiences . After various difficulties to unite our different musical interests, we reached this aim by many hours of work and much more beer. With the intention to create, preferably, varied,professional and also harmonious music, we nearly practiced every day. Lots of the Songs we developed in that time were abjected because we were disaffected. We tried, try and try further to get almost 100 per cent out of our titles to enthuse our listeners and make our selfs satisfied.