A Triggering Myth

BiografieA Triggering Myth is a very contemporary progressive band with an eclectic array of musical influences including jazz, classical, rock, fusion, electronic and just about "everything else that´s ever passed through our ears and brains."

Rick Eddy

Growing up, Rick’s primary influences were the Beatles (as a teen) and the progressive rock bands of the 1970’s (in his early 20’s, he lists Banco, Gentle Giant, and Area as particular favorites). These influences continue to shape the musical philosophy of eclecticism and constant evolution that is to this day reflected in A Triggering Myth’s music. The 70’s found Rick playing in a number of rock and jazz fusion bands. At the end of the decade -- and after one particular summer of ingesting large amounts of Henry Cow and Charles Mingus -- he formed the RIO (rock in opposition)-influenced band, “One Bear…..Dancing,” with violinist/cellist Jack Stomatus, and french hornist/flutist Jacques Van De Wende. “One Bear was a time of great learning and development for me, both as a musician and a composer,” says Rick. “We were doing something quite different and very challenging, and it profoundly changed how I thought of music.” OBD gigged as a band for a couple of years, but unfortunately never entered the studio to record. After working in the mental health field for a number of years, Rick relocated to Richmond, VA in 1989. Shortly thereafter, he met Tim Drumheller and formed A Triggering Myth.

Tim Drumheller

Tim has studied classical music and piano since age eight. Throughout the 1980’s he played in a number of rock bands and spent much of his time in local recording studios learning and fine tuning his engineering and production skills. Also during this time, he developed a strong interest in improvisation and jazz (especially influenced by ECM label artists like Art Lande, Eberhard Weber, and Pat Metheny) and progressive rock music (including Dixie Dregs, Univers Zero, and Bill Bruford). Tim also spent for a number of years re-building pianos at a local piano store and restoration shop. In 1989 Tim met Rick, thus beginning their long-standing musical partnership as A Triggering Myth.
Quelle: http://www.atriggeringmyth.comDiscografie2006 The Remedy Of Abstraction

2002 Forgiving Eden

1998 The Sins Of Our Saviours

1995 Between Cages

1993 Twice Bitten

1990 A Triggering Myth


The Remedy Of Abstraction - Cover
A TRIGGERING MYTH vermengen von Jazz, Klassik über Fusion bis Rock alles was Ohr und Hirn aufnehmen kann.